Advanced Institute Management System - AIMS

What is AIMS?

IMG-20150922-WA0001NewAIMS is a acronym for Advanced Institute Management System which is an office automation software for complete database maintenance of any education organizational activities.

AIMS provide Integrated Management Solutions for an organization. In our product each module is independent with each other, so we can use the particular modules from this product according to our need.

Why need AIMS?

AIMS (Advanced Institute Management System) is for reducing the complexity of the database maintenance for an organization. The automation software is also reduces the human work and increases the accuracy of maintenance. It provides Computerized Management of database for Students Teachers and Official information.


  • Technology of today can provide Real Time Information to various stake holders namely the Management, Principal, Head of Departments,Teachers, Hostel Warden, Transport Manager, Accounts Department, Librarians, Parents and Students.
  • Our technology will also offer integrated solutions to maintain an effective communication channel between various stake holders. This enables the stake holders to enjoy a new experience which are rich with real time information and enable them to take the required decisions with the accuracy of data provided by the system.



Master & Admin

masterwizardOne time entry for each process. Once required information is given, the software enables the user for smooth access & processing

Maintains database, Create user and set different access rights to different users

Is the controller of the entries software and its operation


imagestudents Complete Admission Process, Class and Stream Allocation

Class Test/Exam Announcement and issue Mark sheet

Different type of certificates to generated for students

Maintain student bio-data Student ID Card, Promotion, and Maintain Extra-curricular activities


SysAdminClass Test/Exam Announcement and Evaluation

Homework process and special class information

Forming student peer group and Monitoring Performance

Automatic Scheduling of classes through schedule Manager, Special classes & Substitution

Session planner and Session update to plan the syllabus completion

Fees & Finance

financeCreate & Managing Accounts Master and Ledgers

Fees announcement for various type, quotas and concessions and collection

Over Due Statement, Day Book Transactions for Receipts, Payments. Draw P & L a/c’s at your convenience

Annual Budgetary assistance, View balance sheet, bank and cash book.


hrmStaff appointments including interview process

Leave/Loan application and approval

Leave management system

Payroll processing

Staff training, development and appraisal

Staff relieving procedures and certificates

Yearly Performance reports/Previous year comparison

Staff Service Report for the year


TransportArea and Route Information

Vehicle Information and Maintenance

Vehicle contract information

Student/Staff admission

Complete management of maintenance expenses

Transport Fee collection

Notification alerts for maintenance and stationary requirements like FC, Insurance, etc.,

Hostel & Mess

hostelHostel information – Location, Facilities, Types of rooms, Tariffs, Boarding info and guest house information

Room Allocation, Hostel attendance, leave data maintenance

Mess Maintenance Register

Guest/Visitors data maintenance

Mess Bill and posting the value to each students

Review and maintain stock level


indexlab3 Department wise Laboratory Master

Experiment and Apparatus Master

Batch Allocation

Breakage Information

Stock Maintenance

Daily Activity Records

Record Maintenance

Phy – Education

imagesphy2Sports Master

Tournament and competition Creation

Tournament and Competition Student Registration

Creating sports training and admission

Travelling expenses management for tournament

Maintaining Trainer’s information


inventoryGroup and Unit details, Departments, Products and information’s

Track Vendor details

Check Request approval status and purchase information

Materials issuing/Damage information’s

Item aging and expiry management

Supervise commodities bought and issued from stock management

Exam Seating

imagesexam Block and room information

Seating arrangements for both Theory and Practical exams

Automatic seating arrangements with different suggestion for user selection

Random seating arrangements


LibraryClassify books in various categories, Rack Management with easy search option by Library Users

Issue, return, renewal and reservation for staff, student and non-member

Book lost and Fine calculations

Bar-code and smart card integration for faster transaction

Stock status monitor, Book transfer between libraries and Analyze books that are required often and more

SMS & e – Patts

SMSDifferent SMS Templates can be created

Student SMS - Attendance, Mark details, Exam announcement, fees…..

Staff SMS – Circular information, Birthday/Anniversary wishes…..

General – Any Announcements or circulars can be sent to both staff and students


ReportsEducation Department Reports

Management Reports

Stock Maintenance Report, Materials reports

Admin Reports, Progress card Reports

Student Reports – attendance, mark, community, admission, personal and other reports

Staff Reports – appointment, attendance, leave, permission, promotion, experience, etc.,

In all over report formats available


  • Ease of use and User Friendly
  • Accuracy
  • Daily backup
  • Data Security
  • Flexible and Portable
  • Cost of maintenance is low