Question Paper Generator

What is Question paper Generator?

IQuGenQuestion Paper Generator is an automation software for generating the Question papers according to the exam, class, pattern and questions. It can create a question banks and take print outs. It can also be used for an Assessment tests through Online.

Why need Question Paper Generator?

Question Paper Generator eliminates the people-dependent processes. It is used for generating differentiated set of question papers and no repetition in a continuous process according to the questions reside in database.


Question paper can be set according to the:

Question Paper Generator

Differentiated set of question papers – No repetition in a continuous process

Key words for answers to facilitate paper correction for all the question papers

Can set and amend Question papers manually

Apportionment of Marks in the Questions generated

Setting up of Question paper patterns

Assessment tests through On-Line

Can generate Question Banks and take print outs

Student‘s performance tracking through On-Line Assessments


  • Ease of use and User friendly
  • Elimination of human dependent processes
  • Easy and low cost of maintenance
  • Computerized management for maintenance